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18 August 2021

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin - Beta

We are excited to share the beta version of Affiliatable WordPress plugin 🤗

Since you are one of our most valued partners, we’d love it to help us test this beta release before releasing it to the world.

Here’s where you can download the beta version of the Affiliatable WordPress plugin and setup guide.

Remember, this is a beta release!

We strongly recommend you use the beta version in a test environment only. This will let you try new features without worrying about what breaks.

New feature
21 July 2021

Team Member Feature!

The team member feature has finally arrived!

Today we're excited to launch our new team member feature, allowing Admins on our Pro plans to add a team member (Virtual Assistant) to their main accounts.

The team member can

  1. Work on the specific projects (websites) that you set permission to access.
  2. Cannot access Admin's profile, billing and websites section.

Here's a quick guide on how to add a team member to your account 😉 

29 June 2021

UI Improvements

We have recently improved our UI (Desktop). This is still in beta and you can access it here with the same login credentials. Please vote and share your feedback on this. Based on the feedback, we will finalize it.

Features include:

  1. Dark mode/ Light mode feature
  2. Template preview when creating the tables & boxes
  3. Table/Box last saved version
  4. Save confirmation alerts.
  5. General UI enhancements

React: 😀 - Release the new UI    |     😧 - The current UI is better

Deals & Discounts
3 years ago

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21 April 2021

Affiliate Commission Change

Hello Marketers,

As of today, we've changed our affiliate commission from a flat fee to 20% which is around 50% up. Sounds good?

Join the Affiliatable Affiliate Program now and turn your trusted recommendations into income 🤑