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Dec 31, 2021

WordPress Plugin 1.7 Release

The year 2021 is almost over but we want to release a few important updates for a perfect ending.

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin - 1.7

  • New: Custom date range on Clicks Report
  • New: Sync Last Modified
  • Tweak: Removed “Shortcode Copied” confirmation pop-up message
  • New: Amazon Sweden ( support

You can update the plugin version to 1.7 from your WordPress dashboard.


New feature
Dec 22, 2021

New Feature - Replace Affiliate Tracking ID

Today, we are excited to launch one of the most important features, Replace Affiliate Tracking ID.

If you have a website with more than 100 tables and boxes, changing the affiliate links can be a tedious task when flipping the website. The most obvious solution is to hire a virtual assistant, but that costs money and consumes a lot of time. 

So, with the new Replace Tracking ID feature, you can replace all the old (previous owner's) affiliate links with the new affiliate links in less than two minutes.

New feature
Oct 24, 2021

New Feature - Geotargeting

We're excited to launch one of the most requested features, Geotargeting.

With this feature, you can monetize the international traffic and direct your website visitors to the right amazon store.

Sounds good?

Simply update our WordPress plugin to the latest version 1.5 or above and you can see the Geotargeting option under Settings.

New feature
Oct 22, 2021

New Features - Bulk Template Changer & More

1. Bulk Template Changer: Now, you can change the template to your existing tables or boxes in bulk. For example, if you want to try any of the new templates that we released last week, you can use the bulk template changer option to replace all the tables and boxes with the new template in a single click.

2. Remove Columns: One of the most frequently asked questions from our users is, "How do I remove specific columns in a comparison table?" So, we added a new feature to remove specific columns in comparison tables.

3. System Status: Now, you can directly check Affiliatable system status if you run into problems like, accessing your account or dashboard, server down, etc. We also send updates via email to our status page subscribers.

Oct 18, 2021

New Features - Affiliate Disclosure & New Templates

1. Affiliate Disclosure - We know that manually adding affiliate disclosure to all your posts is a hectic job. So, today we added the Affiliate Disclosure box in which you can add your affiliate disclosure and display it automatically under the tables and boxes. 

2. New Templates - Along with this, we added three new high converting templates to the Top 3 box library and one new template to the Comparison table library.

New feature
Oct 06, 2021

New Features - Custom Categories & Import Product Description

1. Custom categories - Now you can set custom categories to your product boxes and pros/cons boxes. Example: If you have 10 products boxes and 10 pros/cons boxes made for the same blog post, you can group them under 1 category. This will help you understand for which post the product box or pros/cons box belongs and you can also quickly navigate the boxes to make any changes in the future. 

2. Import Description - Just like importing the product title and images, you can now import the product description directly from Amazon. Don't forget to check the "Import Details" checkbox to try this feature.

New feature
Sep 07, 2021

Beta Closed - Affiliatable WordPress plugin

Today, we are closing the beta version of our Wordpress plugin and making it live for everyone. 

Along with this update, we also added a new feature called "Clicks Report" where you can track the user clicks and check which products and posts are getting more clicks that helps you optimize your money pages for higher conversions.

Aug 18, 2021

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin - Beta

We are excited to share the beta version of Affiliatable WordPress plugin 🤗

Since you are one of our most valued partners, we’d love it to help us test this beta release before releasing it to the world.

Here’s where you can download the beta version of the Affiliatable WordPress plugin and setup guide.

Remember, this is a beta release!

We strongly recommend you use the beta version in a test environment only. This will let you try new features without worrying about what breaks.

New feature
Jul 21, 2021

Team Member Feature!

The team member feature has finally arrived!

Today we're excited to launch our new team member feature, allowing Admins on our Pro plans to add a team member (Virtual Assistant) to their main accounts.

The team member can

  1. Work on the specific projects (websites) that you set permission to access.
  2. Cannot access Admin's profile, billing and websites section.

Here's a quick guide on how to add a team member to your account 😉 

Jun 29, 2021

UI Improvements

We have recently improved our UI (Desktop). This is still in beta and you can access it here with the same login credentials. Please vote and share your feedback on this. Based on the feedback, we will finalize it.

Features include:

  1. Dark mode/ Light mode feature
  2. Template preview when creating the tables & boxes
  3. Table/Box last saved version
  4. Save confirmation alerts.
  5. General UI enhancements

React: 😀 - Release the new UI    |     😧 - The current UI is better