Recent updates from Affiliatable

New feature
2 years ago

New Features: Glow Effects, Schema & Global Theme Changer

Glow Effects:

Stand out from your competitors and increase the CTR by adding eye-catching glow effects. Simply enable the glow effect from the theme colour option to apply it to the product boxes.

Global Theme Changer:

With this feature, you can change all the tables and boxes' theme colours with a single click. Very helpful in situations like website rebranding, A/B testing, applying glow effects to all the product boxes, etc.

Pros and Cons Schema :

The new pros and cons structured data is used by Google to identify specific information in product reviews and display it in the search results. After seeing this new update, we quickly added a feature to enable the schema for the Pros and Cons boxes. 

WordPress Plugin - 1.9

  • WordPress 6.0.1 support
  • Accessibility changes
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI Enhancements

New feature
19 February 2022

New Feature - Simple CTA Buttons & Remove Ratings

1. Remove Rating Scores

If you don't want to display the rating score in the product boxes, use this quick and easy method to remove it.

2. Simple CTA Buttons

 If you want to display the product box's CTA buttons right after the Pros/Cons box or anywhere within the post then this feature will help you achieve that.

New feature
08 February 2022

New Feature - Create Product boxes from Comparison table

Now you can create product boxes while adding the products to the comparison table. This new feature will save you hours of time you would have spent creating the product boxes separately. Please check the complete guide here.

31 December 2021

WordPress Plugin 1.7 Release

The year 2021 is almost over but we want to release a few important updates for a perfect ending.

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin - 1.7

  • New: Custom date range on Clicks Report
  • New: Sync Last Modified
  • Tweak: Removed “Shortcode Copied” confirmation pop-up message
  • New: Amazon Sweden ( support

You can update the plugin version to 1.7 from your WordPress dashboard.


New feature
22 December 2021

New Feature - Replace Affiliate Tracking ID

Today, we are excited to launch one of the most important features, Replace Affiliate Tracking ID.

If you have a website with more than 100 tables and boxes, changing the affiliate links can be a tedious task when flipping the website. The most obvious solution is to hire a virtual assistant, but that costs money and consumes a lot of time. 

So, with the new Replace Tracking ID feature, you can replace all the old (previous owner's) affiliate links with the new affiliate links in less than two minutes.